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Here is the key to make women want you

Today something especially for guys (you’re welcome). Imagine you have successfully broke the three seconds rule habit and thanks to that you’ve got to know an amazing girl that looks like billion dollars! Clock is ticking, tho and here comes the big thing. The very first meeting. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? What to do? How to perform well? The answer is… Inspire her! You have probably heard about a “prince on the white horse”. What that sentence really means? Girl is looking for a guy that can show her a different reality, who can – most of all – give her emotions, new experiences. Why? Trust me or not, what they’re truly scared of in this world (that is still pumping a colorful images into our brains) is boredom. Just be an interesting person. Do you have passions? What are you doing in your life? How you spend your time? Be an interesting person and #HaveFun while meeting new girls in Elimi! 😉

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