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You are doing it wrong.

We already know that everybody who has developed a dating app is convinced of their product’s validity. The thing is, some of them are simply wrong.

And now Neil Clark Warren, the CEO of eHarmony has the floor.

“I’m sad about it, to tell you the truth, because it doesn’t work.”

What is he saying about? The answer is: Tinder and similar apps

“These new apps tend to be so superficial. They will allure a lot of people into thinking that they belong together when they perhaps don’t belong together at all.”

We agree with you in that case, eHarmony-man. But. Is your app’s algorithm the cure? Just askin’…
You really think that scrambled eggs on breakfast matters? My wife could eat that while I’m eating croissant with a nice jam.

In practice it works bad. Why? Let us explain:

All those little things you ask people to (in theory) match them, in real life are details that you get to know about each other after you’ve actually determined that you like him/her or not. Dogs, cats, whatever! By contrast, you made those little things a big deal just from the very start and – in result – a blocker by serving 10% matches to your users. On the other hand, even 100% match in real world might mean nothing.

Got it? Dear Neil there’s good news, though! Download Elimi and play task games to really get to know each other as never before 🙂


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