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Brace yourself… Scandalmongers are coming.

Here is the thing. For about a month we observe a witch-hunt against dating apps. What’s going on?

Well, there is a group of writers who have nothing better to do, than inform us about some Tiffany, Jolene and their executioners’ cases AND the fact that they have met on a dating service. Of course it is a big thing. For the sake of clarity, we’re talking about sexual violence and even rape – a big(!) personal tragedy of many people from around the world.

But what those writers are doing very wrong is linking sexual violence problem directly with dating apps, meanwhile bad guys, sadly, can lurk everywhere. Especially on a dark street corner. It is disgraceful to use tragedy of women and mixing it with popularity of dating apps to write a popular article.

Hey, it’s obvious you need to be cautious while meeting a new person! And if you’re a woman, you need to be even double prudent, ok? That’s why we prepared a list of safety tips – check them out. Thanks to them u will be – as the name suggest 😉 – safe while playing Elimi and getting to know a new amazing people. #HaveFun and be safe! 🙂

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