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It’s time to date naked!

You know what? We live in a very strange and crazy world. The world where you can buy an edible panties and eat them while watching some sort of weirdos from japanese show.

Meanwhile in America, the VH1 Channel is starting with the new series called “Dating Naked”. And yes, it’s exactly what it seems to be. A reality show that is offering nothing but nudity. Couples made from totally stranger naked people, do their best in some different competitions on a beach or wherever. Of course, there are cutscenes. You can hear what Michael and Sophie think about their competitors.

A copy of a copy of the Survivor reality show decked with censorship. Exciting! Isn’t it? Sike, it’s simply pointless.

Guys! Turn off telly and #HaveFun with Elimi!
Try it now even naked if you want 😉