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What happens when science meets dating? Check out!

A new idea came to life. Do you want to find your perfect match? Well… nothing easier! All what you need to do is to take a sample of your DNA and send it to a laboratory!

Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂
Yes, you’re right, it is weird.
And yes, it is scary.

Ok, but let’s give a chance to this method of matching people. What they do with your DNA sample?
They genetically test it for compatibly with other DNA sample. Magic.

“The more different your immune system is from your partners can make you more compatible” said Elle France – the co-founder.

Really? Ok, ok Elle, keep talking.

“The serotonin gene, which can be a measure of how well you handle yourself during stress and emotional situations, is also tested.”

Thank you Elle! You put my mind at ease.

P”eople who respond differently to emotions, are likely not to be a good match,” France said.

Captain Obv… I agree, you got me.
So… Thank you You made people matching more comprehensive and affordable.
Irony senses go crazy.

Guys, you already know what happens when some scientist “take care” of dating.
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Play and #HaveFun, remember 🙂

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